Welcome! This is the page I will be using as a blog for my Outreachy web development internship with Mozilla between May and August 2017.

What I am working on

Re-designing and re-implementing the Firefox add-on Lightbeam as a WebExtension.

The soon to be old version of Lightbeam


Remaking Lightbeam as a web extension: what we learned

((What follows is a draft blog post for Mozilla’s Hacks blog. I plan to write about the ‘back-end’ of the browser extension, while the other intern on this project, Princiya Sequeira, plans to write about the ‘front-end’, since those are the areas we worked the most on during our internship.))

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There and Back Again: an Intern’s Tale

My Experience at Mozilla’s All Hands in San Francisco

This week, I, along with hundreds of fellow Mozillians, converged on San Francisco for a bi-annual, week-long event: Mozilla’s All Hands.

There were meetings, mixers and open houses throughout the week as well as ample opportunity to simply hack away alongside my international teammates, who hail from Australia, England and Germany. It was wonderful to meet them all in person.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Mozilla All Hands Schwag

TIL: There is a strong sticker-making and sticker-sharing culture at Mozilla!

I was gifted a number of awesome stickers for different Mozilla Firefox projects, many of which now adorn my work computer (special shout out to @jhoffman)!

I got Issues!

Merged PR#67: Initial D3 visualization

After much experimentation and prototyping, I got a force graph to display actual data from storage on page load.

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Setting up the blog

First-time blogger, long-time reader of blogs! I know there are many options out there, and eventually, I’ll probably distill the contents of this page and put it on my professional website. For now though, GitHub Pages seems like the best choice for this blog, since:

  • I already have a GitHub account,
  • the project is hosted on GitHub,
  • there are style templates,
  • and Markdown syntax makes presenting content really easy–even code!
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